YSLY JZ/OZ 300/500 V Signalling

CPR (UE) n°305/11 Construction Products Regulation
Eca Class according to standards EN 50575:2014 + A1:2016 and EN 13501-6:2014
DIN VDE 0295 Kl.5 tab. 3 Construction and specifications
DIN VDE 0207 Teil. 4 tab. 1 / DIN VDE 0207 Teil. 5 tab. 1 / DIN VDE 0293 / DIN VDE 0245 Teil. 201 / DIN VDE 0245 Teil. 102
2014/35/UE Low Voltage Directive
2011/65/CE RoHS Directive

Product Info

Product Description


Flexible multi-core signalling and control cable, PVC insulated, with light PVC sheath.

Plain copper flexible wire, class 5

PVC compound

Non-hygroscopic compound (for cross-sections above 10 mm²)

Outer Sheath
PVC compound

Cores Colour
Black numbered with (JZ) or without (OZ) yellow/green protection conductor

Sheath Colour
Grey RAL 7001

Inkjet Marking
YSLY-(JZ/OZ) (section) (year) (traceability)

Technical Characteristics

Nominal voltage Uo/U: 300/500 V

Operating temperatures:
-40°C/+70°C (fixed laying)
-5°C/+70°C (mobile laying)

Maximum short-circuit temperature: 150°C
Maximum tensile stress: 15 N/mm2

Use and Installation

To be used for signalling and control installations. Suitable for connections with fixed and protected installations. Not to be used outdoor.