AC Name – 3 ,6/6 – 6/10 – 8,7/15 – 12/20 – 18/30 kV
Rated voltage Uo/U= 3,6/6 – 6/10 – 8,7/15 – 12/20 – 18/30 kV
Test voltage 1 2,5 – 2 1,0 – 3 0, 5 – 4 2,0 – 6 3,0 k V
Min. ambient temp. — – 30°C
Max. operation temp. + 90°C *
Min. laying temp. – 0°C
Short circuit temp.  250°C
Min. bending radius — 4 X D ~ 12 X D

Product Info

Product Description

Description and Applications

The cables are designed according to the standards CEI 20-13 and IEC 60502. The insulation is made of high module HEPR polymer, extruded together with the inner and outer semi-conducting layers: the triple co-extrusion and cross-linking system gives the cable a very high safety on duty and reduces the partial discharge effect. The cables are suitable for energy supply at nominal voltages higher than 1 kV (up to 30 kV) and for connections between medium voltage substations and low voltage transformers.

Installation Conditions

The cables are suitable for exclusively fixed laying, in protected or underground buried pipe, or also outdoor.

Special Versions Available on Request

Upon specific request, the cables might be manufactured with special features, herebelow listed: • esternal sheath polychloroprene, quality Kz, or in poliethylene (XLPE), quality Ez • armoured cables, whenever the laying or working conditions require a mechanical protection. This result is achievable with flat wires (Z) or with tapes (N): in steel for three cores or in amagnetic material for single core • three cores cables made by 3 single core cables twisted and stranded together • cables not only with reduced release of corrosive gases (normally required for the standard PVC sheath), but also fire retardant • as above but also with reduced emission of dense smokes and toxic gases • cables according to European norm HD-620 and to international norm IEC-502