YACHT Power Cables

Product Info

Product Description

Cable Structure


Stranded annealed tinned copper wire
IEC 60228 class 5


PVC installation


PVC based compound

Outer Sheath

Flame retardant PVC based compound.


These cables are mainly used in permanent installations. As a result of the materials used in the production, they are very resistant to all the conditions In the marine environment such as dry, wet and oily. Since they are screened by copper wire braided they prevent Interference by radio and electronic equipment.

Production and Test Standards
Related Standard IEC 60092/353
IEC 60332/3 A
IEC tfJN2/3f::/J-35l-359
Perm, Working Temp + 75°C
Min.bending Radius 6*cable dia. (mm)
Rated Voltage 0.6/1 kV
Test Voltage 3,5 kV