AC Name
Rated voltage Uo / U = 450 / 750 V
Test voltage 2,5 kV
Min. ambient temp — – 40°C ~ – 5°C
Max operation temp. + 70°C *
Min. laying temp. – 5°C
Short circuit temp. + 250°C
Min. bending radius — 4 X D ~ 6 X D

Product Info

Product Description

Description and applications

Flexible cable with cross linked rubber insulation and outer sheath, featuring fire no-propagation according to IEC60332-3, and with low emission of smokes and corrosive gases.

The mechanical properties of the cable are similar to those of H07RN-F, therefore the cable is suitable for indoor use and temporary outside use, in substitution of H07RN-F, for installation in public are as where the LSOH characteristics requested.

Its use is admissible for connections with moderate mechanical stresses, e.g.electric appliances, portable motors and generators on building sites or farms, etc.

Installation conditions

Suitable for indoor laying, while permanent outdoor laying is not recommended. Not suitable for installation and handling under -5°C.

Laying underground is acceptable only if adequate protection is provided against the risk of damage.