Rated voltage Uo / U = 450 / 750 V
Test voltage 2,5 kV
Min. ambient temp — – 35°C ~ – 15°C
Max operation temp. + 60°C *
Min. laying temp. – 25°C
Short circuit temp. + 200°C
Min. bending radius — 4 X D ~ 6 X D

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Description and Applications

The H07RN-F oil-resistant cables are suitable for permanent immersion in oil. For installation in dry, damp or wet environments, in workshops with explosive atmospheres.
H07RN-F OR OERREFor connections liable to moderate mechanical stresses, i.e. industrial or agricultural workshop apparatus, large boilers, heater plates, electric tools such as drills and disk saws, electric appliances, portable motors and generators on building sites; also for fixed installations along floors or shelving on temporary job sites, for connecting structural elements in lifting apparatus, machinery, etc. Suitable for applications up to 1000 V for adequately protected fixed installations ( i.e. inside pipes or equipment) as well as for rotor connections to lifting apparatus motors.