H07RN-F multi

AC Name
Rated voltage Uo / U = 450 / 750 V
Test voltage 2,5 kV
Min. ambient temp — – 40°C ~ – 15°C
Max operation temp. + 60°C *
Min. laying temp. – 25°C
Short circuit temp. 200°C
Min. bending radius — 4 X D ~ 6 X D

Product Info

Product Description

Description and Applications

Rubber-insulated multicore flexible cable with polychloroprene sheathing suitable for connecting signalling and control gear. The conductors are Black insulated with white numbers and a Green/Yellow earthing conductor. The manufacturing technique and the quality of the materials involved make this cable particularly reliable in terms of operating safety and long life, even in temperature ranges from -40°C (in static conditions) up to +60°C. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications and in damp or wet environments. The neoprene protective sheathing makes it resistant to oils, weathering and mechanical stresses.

Installation conditions

Laying underground is only acceptable if adequate protection is provided against the risk of damage. During laying and wiring operations, avoid exceeding a tensile strain of 5Kg x mm² of the total conductors’ area. Not recommended for connecting equipment subject to continuous movements, supplied by means of catenaries or cable-winder drums.

Special versions available on request:
  • Tinned copper conductor
  • Screened with copper braid or metal film
  • Armoured with steel wire, braid or tape.