Standard Reference
EN 50525-2-21 – CEI 20-107/2-21 Construction & Specifications
2014/35/UE Low Voltage Directive
2011/65/CE RoHS Directive

Product Info

Product Description


EPR rubber insulated flexible power multi-core cable with polyurethane sheath.

Plain copper flexible wire, class 5

EPR rubber compound, EI6 quality

Outer Sheath
Thermoplastic polyurethane compound TMPU

Cores Colour
HD 308 Standard

Sheath Colour
Usually orange

Technical Characteristics

Nominal voltage Uo/U: 450/750 V

Maximum operating temperature: 90°C
Minimum operating temperature: -40°C
(without mechanical stress)

Maximum short-circuit temperature: 250°C
Maximum tensile stress:
15 N/mm2 (mobile laying)
50 N/mm2 (fixed laying)
Minimum bending radius:
6 x maximum external diameter (mobile laying)
4 x maximum external diameter (fixed laying)

Use and Installation

Suitable to be used indoor or outdoor, even in wet environments. Particularly suitable for applications which require high abrasion resistance, medium mechanical and tear stresses like the connection of power tools, engines and transportable machines on construction sites, agricultural applications.

Suitable for use in cold storage applications. Suitable for heating devices only when contact with hot surfaces or exposition to heat radiation is avoided.
Avoid contact with skin when operating at high temperature. Not suitable for underground laying. (ref. CEI 20-40, HD 516)