Standard Reference
EN 50525-2-31 – CEI 20-107/2-31 Construction & Specifications
2014/35/UE Low Voltage Directive
2011/65/CE RoHS Directive
CA01.00636 IMQ Certificate

Product Info

Product Description


Flexible single-core cable for internal wiring, for a maximum conductor temperature of 90°C.

Plain copper flexible wire, class 5

PVC compound, TI3 quality

Cores Colour
All single colours and two-colour combinations allowed

Technical Characteristics

Nominal voltage Uo/U: 300/500 V

Maximum operating temperature: 90°C
Minimum operating temperature: -10°C
(without mechanical stress)

Minimum installation temperature: 5°C
Maximum short circuit temperature: 160°C

Maximum tensile stress: 50 N/mm2
Minimum bending radius: 4 x maximum external diameter

Use and Installation

For internal wiring and for fixed and protected installation inside lighting equipment and for applications involving functioning at high temperatures. Not to be used in contact with surfaces having a temperature higher than 85°C. Not suitable for fixed installations in distribution systems. (ref. CEI 20-40, HD 516)