AC Name
Rated voltage Uo / U = 300 / 500 V
Test voltage 2 kV
Min. ambient temp — – 40°C ~ – 15°C
Max operation temp. + 60°C *
Min. laying temp. – 25°C
Short circuit temp. 200°C
Min. bending radius — 4 X D ~ 5 X D

Product Info

Product Description

Description and applications

Cables for connecting light weight portable or mobile equipment liable to mild mechanical stresses (e.g.vacuum cleaners, domesticirons, kitchen appliances, electric welders,etc.). Unsuitable for permanent outdoor use, for applications in industrial workshops or for supplying other than domestic electric tools.

Installation conditions

For fixed or mobile indoor installations, in homes, kitchens, offices, etc. Not for laying underground. During laying and wiring operations, it is advisable to avoid exceeding a strain of 5kg x mm² of total conductors’ area. In static duty conditions, the recommended maximum strain is 1,5kg x mm².

Special versions available on request

  • Ultra flexible for frequent flexing or for uses subject to vibrations
  • With sheath colour to buyer ’s order
  • With outside diameter to buyer ’s order.