Rated voltage Uo / U = 300 / 500 V
Test voltage 2 kV
Min. ambient temp — – 50°C ~ – 25°C
Max operation temp. + 90°C *
Min. laying temp. – 40°C
Short circuit temp. 250°C
Min. bending radius — 3 X D ~ 5 X D

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Description and Applications

In compliance with CEI 20 – 40 and HD 516S2, is recommended for use in dry or wet environments, for outdoor; for moderate mechanical stressed, for example, industrial and agricultural apparatus, heater apparatus if there is not contact risk with hot elements and is not subjected to radiation, for electric tools such as drills and disk saws and for portable motors and generators on building sites or farms and naval sites; right for cold storage application. Very suitable for situations when the cable is subjected to strong abrasion and tearing stress.