A07RN-F (D) / 07RZ-F (D)

3, 6 / 6 kV / 6 / 10 kV / 8, 7 / 15 kV / 12 / 20 kV
Rated voltage Uo / U =  450 / 750 V
Test voltage 2 , 5 kV
Min. ambient temp. — – 40°C ~ – 15°C
Max. operation temp. + 90°C
Min. laying temp.  – 25°C
Short circuit temp. + 250°C
Min. bending radius 6 X D

Product Info

Product Description

Description and applications

Flexible cable with H07RN-F standard dimensions specifications. The special insulating rubber used and the sheath allows for its use in
very extreme conditions with high conductor temperatures (up to 90°C). Recommended for use in the mining industry, heavy industry (steelworks and foundries) and in high-temperature applications in general (hot and tropical climates). The highly flexible conductor makes the cable especially suited for use as a lead-in cable in wind generators and/or high voltage lighting and in any applications requiring highly mobile cables. The WINDATOX version is also available: featuring “halogen-free” compounds for insulation and sheaths that make the cable suitable for fire no-propagation and “LSOH” applications.